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tl;dr Find the golden key, possess it and take it to the locked golden door while evading Gargoyles.


You are a ghost, and you have enough of residing within your tiny empty room with nothing. You decide to explore the mansion for an escape. According to an ancient legend there is a golden key which will open the golden door of the mansion. That is your only way out because the old magically enforced outer walls are impenetrable, even for a ghost like you. But beware of the Gargoyles since they are determined to keep you inside forever. Luckily you can hide inside old golden paintings which will render you completely invisible to them.


- Move -> WASD keys or arrow keys
- Rotate -> Hold right mouse button or ‘R’ ‘F’ Keys
- Zoom -> Use scroll wheel or ‘period’ and ‘comma’ keys
- E to possess and release the golden key, or hide inside a golden painting

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsDaniel, Jeremia Aulehla, Sauerkraut
GenreAction, Puzzle
Tags3D, gargoyles, Ghosts, Halloween, Ludum Dare 45, Unity
LinksLudum Dare


Spooky Mansion v1.0.zip 29 MB

Install instructions

1. Unpack the .zip file with your favorite zip extraction tool.
2. Start "Spooky Mansion.exe"
3. Enjoy gameplay


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The Mac version doesn't open.

Was this made with Unity? I could possibly do a Mac build for you, if you're interested.